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Physical property of BTC:
Chemical name:Bis(trichloromethyl)carbonate, abbreviation: BTC. Molecular formula: C3Cl6O3, molecular weight:296.75. white to off-white crystal, melting point: 78-81 °C , boiling point: 203--206 °C ; Insoluble in water, easily soluble in chlorobenzene, toluene, dichloromethane, chloroform etc.


Chemical property:

Concrete Application Methods of BTC:

It depends on concrete reaction system. Generally speaking, if it contains matter initiating its decomposition (organic amine, activated carbon, organic alkali), it is not necessary to add any initiators and reaction will go smoothly. If there is no such kind of matter in the system, organic alkali of 0.5-2% (weight of Triphosgene) DMF or pyridine will be added to another phase (usually two phases of reaction: one is Triphosgene solution, another is matter reacted with carbonyl chloride), controlling speed of one phase drip to another phase in order to reaction speed. Solution from Triphosgene include benzene, dichlorolurene, cyclohexane, chloroform, etc.. The solution for Triphosgene is not the matter of triggering its decomposition. The solution from another phase is that of triggering its decomposition.

Usage of BTC:

BTC has wide application for its chemical property:

a. In the field of medicine
b. In the field of pesticide
c. In the field of dyestuff
d. In the field of organic synthesis
e. In the field of high molecular material

Specification of BTC (Q/upchem 001-2000):




Main content (C3Cl6O3)≥


Melting point °C


Package of BTC:

1, 25kg or 30kg un drum
2, Packed according to the requirements of customers.


1: Stored in cool and draughty place.
2: Do not store it together with alkaline chemicals.

Production capacity:

Yearly production capacity of BTC is 10000T, Planned scale of yearly production capacity is 20000T.

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