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Phenyl Isocyanate

Name:phenyl isocyanate

Molecular Formula:C6H5NCO


Molecular Weight: 119.12

CAS No:103-71-9

property:colorless liquid with stimulant smell.Melting point:-30 °C,Boiling Point:166°C.density:1.10.The saturation steam is pressed:0.13 kPa(10.6 °C).flash point:56 °C.

Specification :Content ≥ 99.0%                

Uses:Used in the intermedia of agriculture chemical, refrigeration pharmaceutical, solvent, extracted the pharmaceutical, polymer catalyst and stablizer mainly.

Package: 200KG/steel-plastic drum

storage:Store and at shady and cool, dry, warehouse that ventilate, avoid light, avoid hot to leave. With oxidant, alkali type, the alcohol type, amine type, eat chemical product, food,etc. to parts and leaves.

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