Phosgene Alternative

Ethyl Isocyanate
Iso-Propyl Isocyanate
3-Chloropropyl Isocyanate

  p-phenylene diisocyanate
1,5-naphthylene diisocyanate
Isophorone diisocyanate
Bitolylene diisocyanate
Other Intermediate
  Develop special isocyanate
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1. Values of Upchem: Respecting the world , treating surroundings well, treasuring the livings.

2. Concept of Upchem : Satisfied by Customers, Satisfied by Staff and Satisfied by Shareholder

3. Mission of Upchem:

  • Regard popularizing and utilizing technology of Green Chemistry as our own duty, substitute the hypertoxic phosgene with BTC, Transform seriously polluted, extremely dangerous, and traditional phosgenation chemical industry and thus realize safe production and environmental protection.
  • With unique first-class technology and the visual angle, provide worldwide customers with high quality product and service,
  • Make great efforts to let each staff grow up at work, richer on the material and mental, Live happier.
  • Pursue the enterprise profit to maximize, let the shareholder have satisfied repayments.
  • Make an effort for the development in a certain field at local society and even in global society.
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